SEND Network Church Planting Dinner

Married or single, what specific set of challenges come with North American church planting?

What does it look like to be a single girl on a church planting team? How do you meet people in the community?

As a married woman, how can I take care of my house, support my husband, raise my kids, and still make time to get involved in my community?

Can my family still do church planting if my husband does not want to be the lead pastor?

What is the pathway to church planting? How do I decide where to go?

Maybe these are some questions you have asked yourself. Maybe you have asked them of other people. Or possibly, you think church planting is a “cop-out” for overseas missions or you think it is the easy way to do ministry because you get to “create your own church”.

In chapel spotlights and in the Southeastern world we hear a lot about church planting. We hear about families who are moving to Utah to engage the Jehovah’s Witness population. We hear about people going to San Diego to get involved in the art culture and learn how to communicate the Gospel to our changing culture. We learn about couples moving to the Northeast, away from the comforts of the South, to engage the diverse populations of big cities.

Have you thought about what this means for your family? Have you thought about working alongside a church planting team for a summer or a semester? Are you willing to go serve wherever God has called you?

We invite you to come learn more about what church planting is, how you can get involved, and how you can prepare to go!

Whether you are just interested or about to move your family across the country come join us for a church planting dinner on February 28. The Center for Great Commission studies is hosting a dinner with a TED talk style discussion to work through topics like “Gender Issues in Church Planting” and “Stress and Struggles of Relationships”. Join us for Olive Garden while we learn more about how God can use us across the nation. Dress is business casual.

Register here. Free Childcare is available.

Additionally, there are other activities for the day:

-There will be church planters visiting some of your classes

-11:45-1:00 there will be pizza and wings in the CGCS while we discuss “Preparing the Soil for Church Planting”

-If you would like to have an in-depth discussion with the church planter wives while they are on campus, you can set up a meeting by emailing Beth Whitworth at


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