Southeastern’s Share Shop

There are exciting new changes that are happening at the Share Shop, including a recent renovation! Opening Day is on February 25th and we will be open from 10am to 1pm! Come and check out all the new stuff we have received and hear ways that you can get involved.  The new items consist of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes, books, and kitchen and household appliances and decorations.  We also have new donation hours, shopping hours, and provided specific times that students can come to volunteer.  Each student that shops will be required to volunteer for 4 hours throughout the semester. We hope to see you soon and have the privilege of serving alongside you as we embark on this new adventure of the Share Shop!

Donation Hours:                        Shopping Hours:                   Volunteer Hours:

Monday:10am-12pm                   Tuesday: 5pm-8pm                 Monday: 10am-1pm

Tuesday: 5pm-8pm                     Saturday: 10am-1pm              Tuesday: 4:45pm-8pm

Saturday: 10am-12pm                                                            Wednesday:10am-1pm

Saturday: 9:45am-1pm

Are you on top of things and ready to sign up for Share Shop volunteer hours? If so, sign up here:

I’m Samantha Steckman and I’m the new Auxiliary Ministries Coordinator of the Share Shop! I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana and am currently working towards my MA in Biblical Counseling.  I moved to Raleigh in November and have enjoyed checking out local coffee shops and restaurants, walking trails, and hammocking outside on beautiful warm days.


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  1. I was recently in their shopping in was to know if anybody inquired on losing a key I somehow found a key And a fob in my trunk but I have no clue how it got there


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