Brown Bag Lunch Re-Cap


The Women’s Life Brown Bag Lunch was a great follow up event after the All Women’s Chapel. I thoroughly enjoyed worshipping with all of the women there and hearing from Dr. Ashley Allen as she spoke on how God does not judge your Kingdom work against other’s and neither should you. Hear what Dr. Allen shared at the All Women’s Chapel here.

At the Brown Bag Lunch Dr. O’Donoghue and Dr. Allen discussed women’s ministry questions. As they explored different aspects of women’s ministry in the local church they addressed some of the following questions:

Q: What do you generally observe across the state when it comes to women’s ministry in the local churches of North Carolina?

A: The “women’s ministry pendulum” swings between having nothing for women or having a tea once a year to having life on life discipleship that goes deep with many engaging events and opportunities to grow.

Q: How involved should women be in their women’s ministry?

A: Women should be involved in some way, and similar to the testimony Dr. Allen shared in the All Women’s Chapel, there’s no comparison for Kingdom work. Women can be involved in women’s ministry by ministering directly apart from the official women’s ministry of the local church or by being majorly involved in the official women’s ministry of the local church.

Q: Why are there so many differences across the board of women’s ministry?

A: Many women’s ministries have so many differences because there are so many women to minister to and there are so many different needs among them.

Q: What might be the best way to bridge gaps between generations or other differences between women when it comes to women’s ministry?

A: The best way to generate discipleship relationships is organically, not by force. Though Dr. O’Donoghue agreed, sometimes older and younger women need a little push to engage each other. Dr. Allen also described how knowing the women in your church will help you match them with mentors or mentees as needed to foster discipleship relationships.

Q: What would you say most women need help with?

A: Dr. Allen shared a story to explain that in her experience most women want more help or information about marriage and parenthood.

Q: What about women’s ministry for the single lady?

A: Dr. Allen described that single women could find older women that are or have been in similar seasons to be mentors. Again this brought up how knowing the women in your church will help foster relationships that forms connections and breed discipleship.

Dr. Allen spoke about how all women’s ministries will differ in engagement, involvement, and commitment. Within her role at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina she has published Embrace which was created to provide a comprehensive disciple-making ministry model for local churches to use in their women’s ministry.

To know more about Ashley Allen click here. To know more about Embrace click here.

*This information is at times paraphrased to best describe the discussion.


Ashlee Evans serves as the Student Events Coordinator and Assistant to the Director of Student Activities and Discipleship at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ashlee recently celebrated her first year of marriage to Cody in January, and they serve together at Plainview Baptist Church.

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