We’re Vlogging!!

Over the past semester we’ve had some pretty cool things happen on our blog…including a complete makeover! However, we didn’t want to just stop there! We wanted to constantly be thinking of something new, and exciting to encourage all of our readers/followers.

With that said I want to let you know the next big thing for the Women’s Life blog….we are going to begin video blogging! While most of our blogs will stay in the format they already are, our goal is to give you a few video blogs each month. These video blogs will range from short devotionals to interviews. Video blogs not only will shake things up a little on our blog now and then but they will also allow you to see the person who is giving you this information. It will allow you to hear her out, understand her, and pray with her!

We are excited about this and hope you are too!

Do you think this may be something you would like to participate in? If so, there’s a few ways you can do that:

1. Submit an anonymous question through our blog: We have this cool new feature on or blog for you to ask those awkward questions you have never felt comfortable asking in front of people or just any question you want answered. We will try and respond to all of your questions through our video blogs! Find the link to submit questions here: http://womenslife.sebts.edu/blog/submit-questions

2. Love writing/teaching/leading women, etc: If this is you and you want to learn more about you can become a writer for the Women’s Life blog email Sarah at Womenslife@sebts.edu 

3. Share our blog with your friends: We believe and hope that you find the Women’s Life blog and other social media as an encouragement and good resource! Share our blog and social media with them, too! Don’t keep the Women’s Life Blog a secret to yourself J

We love each of you and are thankful we get the opportunity to serve you through our blog! See you soon for our first video blog!!


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