Listen While You Work…Or Grocery Shop…Or Drive

I haven’t been much of a podcast listener until recently. Needing to stay up-to-date on current events and wanting to be challenged intellectually and theologically in seasons of busyness has led me to some great podcasts that I’d like to recommend.

What I’ve come to really enjoy about these podcasts is that I can listen to them when they fit my schedule – at the grocery store, driving to work, folding endless loads of laundry, prepping dinner, running errands, running the trails, and even while I work.

So, for the women who think they have no time to be challenged theologically or stay current on events, for the mom juggling school art projects, play dates, grocery shopping, and serving meals to families in need; for the mom working a job, balancing family, and loving the Lord; for the single woman making things happen in the workplace, serving faithfully in her local church, and mentoring other women; for the woman battling illness, anxiety, depression, and a downcast spirit; for the woman desiring to give and do more; for the wife working to support her family while her husband is finishing school; and for the woman who finds herself somewhere in-between it all, this is for you.

My # 1 Persuasion, a Christ and Pop Culture (CAPC) hosted by Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson

This is a podcast that just about makes my heart sing! I had a friend recommend this podcast to me not quite a year ago, and it’s become my favorite podcast to listen to.

These two ladies can talk about anything with depth and substance. A couple of months ago I listened to an episode where they talked about Kate Middleton’s nylons (or “panty hose” depending on where you’re from) and how she’s bringing them back in style. Now, you may think “Oh, just a silly conversation about panty-hose,” but these ladies dive into a conversation on godliness and modesty, the cultural relevance of nylons, and even the phenomenon of Kate Middleton’s influence on culture worldwide. Women who can take a topic like panty-hose and turn it into a theologically and culturally bright conversation are worth listening to and imitating.

And these ladies can talk about issues on a broad sliding scale: politics, meal prep, Netflix’s The Crown series, grief, outsourcing women’s discipleship, working from home, evangelicals’ identity crisis, and every woman’s first love: Target. I find myself laughing out loud sometimes when the two get cracked up about something, and saying “Yeah, you’re right,” when they make brilliant comments, which can be a little embarrassing when you’re in the bread aisle at Target laughing or talking to yourself – but it’s worth it!

As women, we need to learn how to have conversations on any subject and bring out the rich treasures of the gospel. I’ve been so encouraged listening to this podcast, because these two ladies do just that. Inevitably, I find myself talking with someone else on a similar subject asking some of those same questions and benefiting from yet another conversation discovering all sorts of gospel treasure troves.


My #2 Signposts with Russell Moore, President of the ERLC (Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission)

Here’s another great podcast that covers current events, discipleship in the church, hot-button cultural issues, raising children, identity issues, and just about everything else. Moore’s ability to speak to a broad set of issues from a deeply, and richly, theologically informed conviction is desperately needed in our churches and in our culture. We need to be challenged to think just as critically, and form just as deep theological convictions if we are going to endure the trials we now face in our homes and in our surrounding cultures.

One of the many benefits of this particular podcast is that most of the episodes are around 15 minutes in length. So, if you’re like me and it usually takes you about 15-20 minutes to get anywhere and you want to listen to something, but you don’t want to get sucked in and not be able to finish it by the time you reach your destination, this podcast gives you the alternative: theological depth and cultural relevancy in 20 minutes or fewer. No excuses here, ladies!

The point is, we have to be creative with our time. There’s no need to sacrifice challenging your mind for laundry loads when you can do both. Spend time in God’s Word, make your requests known to Him in prayer with thanksgiving, fellowship with other believers, and put your ear buds in and turn up the volume.

Laura Thigpen is an Administrative Assistant at SEBTS and a freelance writer. She has a BA in English and Sociology from the University of Mobile, and she is pursuing a MA in Professional Writing from Liberty University. Currently adoptive parents-to-be, Laura and her husband live in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

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