Missions Monday: Clarkston, Georgia

Please pray for a former student serving in Clarkston, Georgia for the summer.

  • Pray that I can continue to trust the Lord with my future. There is no need to be fearful, to stress about it or to worry.
  • Pray for my heart as I am adjusting to change. Specifically as I have to say goodbye’s to my dear friends about to leave the country. I am very very sad, but equally proud and excited for their opportunities to further the Kingdom.
  • Pray that my time in the Word would continue to be fruitful and that I will remain teachable.
  • Pray that I would be constant in prayer. Not just before/after I’ve read my bible or before a meal. But constant in prayer for the lost and for those we come in contact with.
  •  Pray that we can find a new Church building!
  •  Pray for our members. Establishing relationships is hard and it takes time. It often looks like their efforts are in vain, but we know they are not. Pray that they would continue with a zeal for the gospel. Pray that they would have strength and passion to carry on even when it’s exhausting to constantly give of self and time.

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