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Missions Monday: Spain

Please join us in prayer for those serving in Spain. That God would bring us people who have soft hearts to the Gospel! That God would continue to give us favor in the eyes of the people. This is so important since we are viewed as a cult here in Spain. That God would keep

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Created as a child of God!

What do potato chips, Coke, popsicles, mauve, pacemakers, post-its and slinkies all have in common? They were invented accidently! Potato chips were invented by a cook who was irritated at a customer who consistently returned his French fries to be cooked longer. Out of his irritation came the potato chip. Coke should have been a

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Bearing with One Another

It’s that all too familiar verse that fits perfectly in an Instagram square with water color flowers embroidering its edges. That verse that glares at you on the wedding invitation. You know, the verse that decorates picture frames in swirling calligraphy. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (I

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A Tale of a Discarded Superhero Suit

There once was a woman who happened upon a discarded superhero suit. She stared at the shiny material. I wish I was a superhero, she thought to herself. Who am I kidding? I’m no superhero. Far from it. She threw the suit in the trash. Then she hesitated. What if I could be a superhero? What if I could

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Mental Illness and the Church

Annabelle sat in front of me, head in hands, sobbing as she relayed the events that prompted her to meet with me for counseling. She had been meeting with her pastor to discuss her recent struggles with anxiety and depression following the birth of her first child. After several months of praying over the problem

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