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Missions Monday: Clarkston, Georgia

Please pray for a former student serving in Clarkston, Georgia for the summer. Pray that I can continue to trust the Lord with my future. There is no need to be fearful, to stress about it or to worry. Pray for my heart as I am adjusting to change. Specifically as I have to say goodbye’s to my

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Honor the Emperor

Our women at church have been walking through Jen Wilkin’s study of 1 Peter and this past week we studied 1 Peter 2:13-25. At the beginning of our time I shared with our women about how bad I am at submitting to authority and how terrified I was to even talk about the topic of

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The Third Mile

 ***This post was posted on the Women’s Life Blog November 3, 2016. The further I journey into life as an adult and specifically as a wife and a mom the more I learn that this stage and these roles are best-summarized by the word again. Spending the day with little ones means that very little is actually ever

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Why is the resurrection of Jesus so important?  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is so crucial and foundational to those who call themselves Christ followers because it is the very root of what we believe.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of the Christian faith. God who sent His only begotten Son

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