Book Reviews

Summer Reading List

Well, as the semester is over and summer is here (at least for most of us) this calls for REST! Whether you’re resting on the beach, on the airplane to your next destination or at a local coffee shop chances are most of you will have a good book in your hand. If you’re like

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Book Review: Why Women on Life Matters

A war has been waged on the assumption that women bear the right to end the life of their unborn babies, and to say anything to the contrary is to be vehemently anti-woman. The pro-choice argument has planted its flag on women’s rights, but as Christians, we know this argument is neither for women nor

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Reading List For Winter Break

Winter break is in full swing and now you can finally catch up on some pleasure reading! If you’re at a loss for what to read, or just looking for some last minute books to add to your Christmas list, here’s a list of what Lesley is reading over winter break: I Am Going by

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