Family Life

The Third Mile

 ***This post was posted on the Women’s Life Blog November 3, 2016. The further I journey into life as an adult and specifically as a wife and a mom the more I learn that this stage and these roles are best-summarized by the word again. Spending the day with little ones means that very little is actually ever

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Living on a Limited Income

**This blog post was originally posted on the Women’s Life Blog August 26, 2014. Hello ladies of SEBTS!  If this is your first semester or your 10th plus semester, if you are a student or the wife of a student, it is joy to have you be a part of the SEBTS family! I have

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Daddies And Their Daughters

Nothing is more precious than seeing a father spending time with their daughters. Whether if it is a play date in the park, building a sand castle at the beach, or reading a devotional at bedtime; that time spent with their daughters will forever shape them and will help them grow into a glorious, confidant

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Women of the Word – Unplugged

My husband and I recently took a week-long vacation unplugged. Literally, we turned our phones off, locked them in the safe and didn’t see them again until we returned home. It was glorious! My husband had even printed maps to all the places we might want to go just so we would never have to

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**This post was originally posted on the Women’s Life Blog June 2, 2015. Isn’t summer glorious? The promise of freedom and fun in the sun can make anyone feel like a little kid. I love the season and the childlike desires that well up inside at its approach. But the beginning of this particular summer

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