Family Life

Dealing with Rejection

I was ten when my “perfect” family fell apart. My dad took me to Maggie Moo’s, my favorite ice cream shop, to make the news that I was about to receive a little easier to handle. However, it wouldn’t have mattered how much ice cream you had given me that day. Nothing would have made

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Black History Month, Motherhood, & the Church

Black History Month is here and as the white mom to a black child, I have a confession that is quite difficult for me to admit. I am ashamed that it has only been in the last decade of my life that I’ve actually cared or paid attention to Black History Month. The first 18

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We Made It: Advice After the First Year of Marriage

We asked married couples for advice. We spoke with our parents and those closest to us. We went through marriage counseling. We set our date and planned our wedding. We got married. My husband and I started our little family. We laughed, we cried, we argued, and we celebrated. We made it through the first

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The Unexpected Calling of a Special Needs Mother

Hi, I’m Brittany, and I am the wife of a research student at SEBTS. I am also the mother of two precious girls and a special needs boy. He is the most affectionate, wonderful, loving little boy in the world (I know, I’m biased). He laughs, he plays, he jumps, and he’s autistic. I never

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Favorite Christmas Traditions

Christmas! That word brings so many memories and excitement to my heart and mind! The reason I get excited and have such wonderful memories is due to the traditions we have celebrated over the years. So, when Lesley Hildreth asked me to write about our favorite family Christmas traditions my mind started racing…… memory ornaments,

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