Missions and Evangelism

The Man in the Puffy Coat

My feet shuffle on the smooth, hardwood floor under me as I prepare to get ready for my day. Halfway between a dream and reality, my mind finds a place where it can rest. As the sun rises over the brick-layered street in front of my home, silence invades my heart. I roll over. “Lord,

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This Summer, #IAmGoing

When school ends and Summer comes we see many of our students “GOing”. Whether its a lifetime of service in Asia, a two week mission trip to Africa, or a vision trip to Utah, our students are taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Where are you going this Summer? Who are you serving

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Missions Monday: 2+2 Students Leaving Soon

That we would leave well and parent our boys well in the midst of many transitions. That we would begin to cultivate a love for the people of our country and that we would make good friendships in a country that it is hard to do in. For our relationships here, our marriage, and our

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Missions Monday: Japan

Pray for 2+2 students who will soon be serving in Japan. Pray that my husband and I would continue to be present where we are, before we go overseas (especially me in my secular job so that I would be a faithful witness to my non believing coworkers) Pray for all of the goodbyes we’ll

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Missions Monday: Mexico

Please join us in praying for 2+2 students that will soon be serving in Mexico! Pray for our children during many transitions over the next year and a half. (We will live in SC for several weeks before going to VA for ILC, then language school is 18 months before reaching our destination.) Pray for

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