Missions and Evangelism

Praying for the Roma

The Romani – or Roma – people (not to be confused with the Romanian ethnic group and nation) are a widely dispersed group of peoples whose culture originated in India and spread to Europe approximately 1,000 years ago.  They are a migratory people who face oppression and persecution due to their avoidance of assimilation. Prayer

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Trinity Life Church

  Mike grew up travelling the world and has a very diverse background as a half-Thai American spending a good portion of his early life living in Indonesia.  Mike and Missy met in college where Mike played an instrumental role in Missy becoming a Christian. As a youth pastor, Mike led a youth trip to

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Pray for Hunan Province

The city of Hengyang Sovereign Lord, Hengyang (HUNG-yahng) in Hunan Province is the home of China’s most sacred mountain, Mount Hengshan, where sacrifices have been offered since ancient times. Only a tiny handful of Hengyang’s more than 800,000 people offer the sacrifice you desire: an obedient and contrite heart. Let Your spirit break loose in

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The Baltimore Trip is in PROGRESS!!!

As you read this, over 125 students and 4 professors from SEBTS are working with over 13 local churches in Baltimore. Projects include people group mapping, coffee houses, kids clubs, and so very much more! Pray for … *Spiritual awakening, softened hearts, and enlightened minds. *Strength and energy for team members. *Grace: we all know

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Southeastern Church Plant Grads {MissionMondays}

Pray for Redemption Hill Church, Washington, D.C. 1. Pray for the spread of the gospel here in our capital city, Washington, D.C. 2. Pray for our leaders at Redemption Hill Church as we make decisions and build relationships in our area, and that God will open our eyes to the opportunities He presents around us.

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