Missions and Evangelism

The Baltimore Trip is in PROGRESS!!!

As you read this, over 125 students and 4 professors from SEBTS are working with over 13 local churches in Baltimore. Projects include people group mapping, coffee houses, kids clubs, and so very much more! Pray for … *Spiritual awakening, softened hearts, and enlightened minds. *Strength and energy for team members. *Grace: we all know

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Southeastern Church Plant Grads {MissionMondays}

Pray for Redemption Hill Church, Washington, D.C. 1. Pray for the spread of the gospel here in our capital city, Washington, D.C. 2. Pray for our leaders at Redemption Hill Church as we make decisions and build relationships in our area, and that God will open our eyes to the opportunities He presents around us.

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Ministering to Muslim Women {MissionMonday}

With the influx of Arab immigrants to the West, a missionary from the field gives insight into ministering to Muslim Women.   Things to Consider When Working with Immigrant Muslim Women: Just because they live (physically) in a Western culture does not mean they live (emotionally, spiritually) in a Western culture. They are really living in

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Long green Baptist Church {MissionMondays}

Today we want to join the Baltimore Team as they pray for Long Green Baptist Church, which they will be working with this summer during their mission trip to the inner city of Baltimore. “Lord, we ask that you would help us stay focused on Your purposes for our lives. We pray especially for the

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Praying For Our Thai Sisters {MissionMonday}

Join us in praying for Tip, a Thai missionary living in Bremen, Germany, who ministers to Thai prostitutes living in Germany. Some of these women will profess faith in Jesus but remain confused and in pain. Pray that God would give these women an “undivided heart” to follow him.

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