Spiritual Formation

Running God’s Race

What a mighty assurance we have from Proverbs 18:10: “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Yet, even in this comfort, I have struggled with the thought of wanting to run away from new situations even when God has clearly called me out and into

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Recognizing His Beauty in the Change of Seasons

My children were asking me just the other day, “Mommy, what is your favorite season?” My answer for the majority of my life was, “Summer!” My birthday is June, it’s time for the beach, watermelon, no school, swimming. I mean really what is there not to love?! Ok! Yes its hot, the humidity is bad,

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Our Daily Crosses – A Simple Plea

I could hear echoes in the deep well of spiritual maturity from which her pleading and begging came, and I was confronted with the realization that my daily crosses, though they are mine to bear, are not solely for my benefit or reward. My perseverance and faithful obedience through the trials of this life is

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Don’t Waste Your Blank Space

Something mentioned in a sermon I heard recently is ringing in my ears.. “Don’t waste your blank space.” This is something that J.D. Greear quoted while bringing us truth at a chapel at Southeastern. You might ask- What does that even mean.. You might even wonder what that has to do with you. Those were

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The Pleasure in Knowing God

A few years back I had several years in a row where I was able to travel to NYC. Some of the trips were with foreign exchange students as a chaperone; others were with friends or family. I love NYC; there are so many fun things to do there: the theater, the Statue of Liberty,

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