Spiritual Formation

Seeing With New Eyes

**This post was originally posted on the Women’s Life Blog February 16, 2016. I grew up the small rural community of Siler City, NC. There were plenty of green cornfields and starry nights to shape imaginations. The smell of cut grass on a summer’s day still transports me back to that simpler time. As I

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Hope: Our Biblical Anchor

What is the nature of our hope? This question has plagued my mind and captured my heart over the last couple months. The Lord has set my heart upon figuring out what this word—hope—really means and how it fits as an integral part of the Christian life. Scripture is not quiet about the integration of

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Daily Devotions: A Means To Survival

**This post was originally posted on the Women’s Life blog June 23, 2016. How do you respond when a pastor, small group leader, or friend encourages you to daily prioritize time with the Lord? Guilt – Do you immediately experience pangs of guilt from endless attempts to carve out time ending in old patterns of

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The Man in the Puffy Coat

My feet shuffle on the smooth, hardwood floor under me as I prepare to get ready for my day. Halfway between a dream and reality, my mind finds a place where it can rest. As the sun rises over the brick-layered street in front of my home, silence invades my heart. I roll over. “Lord,

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Women of the Word – Unplugged

My husband and I recently took a week-long vacation unplugged. Literally, we turned our phones off, locked them in the safe and didn’t see them again until we returned home. It was glorious! My husband had even printed maps to all the places we might want to go just so we would never have to

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