Spiritual Formation

The Man in the Puffy Coat

My feet shuffle on the smooth, hardwood floor under me as I prepare to get ready for my day. Halfway between a dream and reality, my mind finds a place where it can rest. As the sun rises over the brick-layered street in front of my home, silence invades my heart. I roll over. “Lord,

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Women of the Word – Unplugged

My husband and I recently took a week-long vacation unplugged. Literally, we turned our phones off, locked them in the safe and didn’t see them again until we returned home. It was glorious! My husband had even printed maps to all the places we might want to go just so we would never have to

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Pesky Prerequisites

“You do not have the necessary prerequisites to take this course. Please consult your program before registering for this class.” Prior to attending my alma mater–the fabulous University of South Carolina–I had some pretty lofty ideas as to how my college experience would go. My class schedule was going to suit the lifestyle I wanted

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**This post was originally posted on the Women’s Life Blog June 2, 2015. Isn’t summer glorious? The promise of freedom and fun in the sun can make anyone feel like a little kid. I love the season and the childlike desires that well up inside at its approach. But the beginning of this particular summer

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Wanted Dead AND Alive

I love everything about summer except, SNAKES! Snakes are not my friend! I have never understood why anyone would have a pet snake. In spite of my diversion to snakes, there was a snake in my anatomy class that I thought was pretty cool, or as close to it as a snake can get. He

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