Spiritual Formation

Pesky Prerequisites

“You do not have the necessary prerequisites to take this course. Please consult your program before registering for this class.” Prior to attending my alma mater–the fabulous University of South Carolina–I had some pretty lofty ideas as to how my college experience would go. My class schedule was going to suit the lifestyle I wanted

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**This post was originally posted on the Women’s Life Blog June 2, 2015. Isn’t summer glorious? The promise of freedom and fun in the sun can make anyone feel like a little kid. I love the season and the childlike desires that well up inside at its approach. But the beginning of this particular summer

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Wanted Dead AND Alive

I love everything about summer except, SNAKES! Snakes are not my friend! I have never understood why anyone would have a pet snake. In spite of my diversion to snakes, there was a snake in my anatomy class that I thought was pretty cool, or as close to it as a snake can get. He

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The Superhero Within Us

Growing up, my favorite super hero was Wonder Woman.  I so wanted to be like her.  She was super strong, was rockin’ the 1970s big hair, she could twirl in a circle and become the super hero within her.  I remember running around the house twirling and singing the theme song from “Wonder Woman”.  Fast

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The Freedom in Forgiveness

Part of the process on my journey to forgiveness has been letting go of certain expectations. Sometimes things like an admission of guilt or a sincere apology seem like they should just be automatic. Right? I mean, you hurt someone, you feel bad about it, and then you apologize. The person forgives you and we all feel better. I really wish it were always (or ever) that easy. To be

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