Spiritual Formation

The Crisis of Outsourced Women’s Discipleship

Church, what has happened to women’s discipleship? With the unbelievably rapid growth of the internet and with it, the Christian blogosphere, women’s discipleship has largely left the bounds of the local church. Anyone with internet access and something to say can become a prominent voice to women just by gaining a faithful following. And really,

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In Light of Insecurities

*This post was originally posted on the Women’s Life Blog November 29, 2016. My whole life has been a tapestry woven of insecurities ranging from body image, academic abilities, family backgrounds, and everything else under the sun. It seems that as soon as I experience victory in one area, another one pops up that I

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Bathing Suits & Body Image

  It’s that time of year again.   The weather is hot and many of us are making plans for our summer vacations which means three words: Bathing Suit Shopping. In the last week alone I’ve had three separate conversations about bathing suit shopping with friends and every time the conversation has pointed to the

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One of Our Favorites: The Truth of Vulnerability

*This blog was originally posted on the Women’s Life Blog July 22, 2016 Ever have those days where you just don’t feel yourself? Maybe it’s even weeks, or months, where it just feels like you can’t get your life together. You may find yourself always running late, even though your whole life you’ve been the

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