Life at Southeastern

Celebrating Unique

It’s no secret that I am always trying to connect with people. Whether I am waiting in line for a cup coffee or hanging with my closest of friends, chances are I am looking for some common ground. Chatting is by far my favorite pastime. I am unusually hopeful that in any given situation I

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Head vs. Heart

All my life I have loved being a learner. I went through books at a rapid pace as a child and I’m surprised my library card didn’t burst into flames from being swiped so many times. I took Honors and AP courses in high school because I wanted to squeeze every ounce of knowledge I

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First Semester Success, Are You Qualified?

Feeling a little restless or uneasy before you really begin your first semester at Seminary? Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself that you could be more prepared going into this experience. If that’s the case, I can guarantee you are not alone!  This was me months before I even toured Southeastern.  The thought of graduate level

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When #IamGoing is Bittersweet

Today is my last day as the Assistant Director of Women’s Life. As I reflect on the last decade serving and training the women at Southeastern, I realize that it has been much more than just this one job. My family arrived at Southeastern in January of 2008 so my husband could pursue a PhD.

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