Six Degrees of Separation

Busy schedules plague all of us. Between school, homework, tests, kids, spouses, family, and all the rest it is easy to get so caught up in the work of today that we forget how our circumstances today may be the very thing that connects us to someone else tomorrow. Perhaps you have sung the song

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Hospitality to the Foreigner

**This blog was originally posted on the Women’s Life blog May 5, 2016. In a blog post by Benjamin Corey, he explains that the Greek term that is often translated into hospitality combines two concepts. The first is pronounced Philao and it is the word for a type of brotherly love or to love like

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Finding Joy in God’s Timing

After two very long years of trying to conceive, my husband and I were told by our doctor that we were infertile. Before you turn away and cast this aside as a memoir of grief, let me assure you that it is not. While we came to know grief well, that account is for another

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Spring Recipes

Well, it’s Easter Break week and we know that your professor’s haven’t given you any homework or papers to write, and we know that your children are being well-behaved little angels, which frees up your time to try some delicious new recipes! We’re definitely just kidding and know each and every one of you has

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Black History Month, Motherhood, & the Church

Black History Month is here and as the white mom to a black child, I have a confession that is quite difficult for me to admit. I am ashamed that it has only been in the last decade of my life that I’ve actually cared or paid attention to Black History Month. The first 18

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